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Summer shade curtains for kitchen, green curtains

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Unique summer shade for modern kitchens, it's one of small curtain designs, green curtains for kitchen
Finished curtain for kitchen window, length 160cm, width 450cm. 
Suitable for cornice ot180sm to 250. 
Material-Crash (compressed veil) Easy and fun design 
With the success of the window curtains can decorate your bedroom and living room and kitchen Will serve at the cottage window decoration . 
Top finished curtain tape 1, 2.5. 
you can change the size of these green kitchen curtain or pick another color . 

Small sheer curtains for kitchen window

white kitchen, sheer curtains, small curtains, kitchen curtains, curtain designs

white kitchen - sheer curtains - small curtains - kitchen curtains - curtain designs
Wonderful, magical sheer curtain of presto with delicate lace and unusual white curtain design that will serve as decoration for your kitchen window

Stylish curtain pelmets for bedroom

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stylish curtain pelmets for bedroom
small curtain pelmet suitable for bedrooms and for the kitchen can be manufactured in different colors and size rakes made ​​on the working wall price, tulle, brown bedroom curtains
curtain pelmets - curtain pelmet - pelmet curtains - brown curtains - bedroom curtains - curtain designs

Sewing bedroom curtains, brown curtain design

sewing curtains,bedroom curtains,brown curtains,curtain designs

Sewing curtains for bedroom , it's stylish design of brown curtain for bedroom interior
Shade hard pelmet curtains plus web of microvilli without tulle perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom or the kitchen photo made ​​on a working wall can be manufactured according to your size and color