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Pleated curtain design, embossed dining room curtain

Pleated curtain design for luxury dining room, this pleated curtain made from bright embossed curtain fabric with bright beige curtain fabric, its have brown tail from the same bright fabric

This is our first curtain designs from pleated curtain kind, the pleated curtain is one of contemporary and luxury curtains design, That was used previously and with evolve until it reached to contemporary design for curtains as you see in this picture.Pleated Curtain, Dining Room Curtain, Beige Curtains, Embossed Curtains.

This pleated curtain design made from bright curtain fabric and embossed curtain fabric, its bright beige with brown tail, this curtain design is use for dining room and use for luxury houses because that considered from luxury curtains models.

Pleated , embossed curtain design for dining room:

pleated curtain design for dining room, bright embossed curtain beige fabric