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Best Original curtains for home windows

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We offer eight ways to design windows with a cloth. And the neighbors do not just do not stop to look in your windows - they will not be able to withdraw from their eyes. Because I do not consider such curtains would be sacrilege.

Earlier interiors consisted of textiles by almost half. Fabrics sheltering walls and window curtain, they knocked furniture and on the floor in every self-respecting house lay carpet . Now the furniture was plastic, the walls are bare, the carpets are on the verge of extinction. From the abundance of the past were, perhaps, only a curtain.

Original Curtains Style manor:

classic yellow curtain, original curtains for home windows
This design windows can not be called modern. But it looks perfect in a romantic bedroom , where everything can be a bit old-fashioned. In the end, the association with the noble estate of the last century, this room is not exactly hurt. Lambrequin curtain closes - another plus: you can not think about how technology is inherently device will look like. Curtains fall down in soft folds. If it thinks that is not enough, you can decorate the pelmet applique.

Perhaps one of the reasons why such an option window decorations are rarely used - fear not cope with mounting pelmet to the eaves. In fact, it's simple. Curtains hanging on a string, and the rim edge of the cornice and pelmet attached Velcro. Pelmet is easy to install and easy to remove to clean. Those who once lived in the noble estates, it was more difficult

Roman shades and roman blinds:

roman shade original roman blinds, original curtains for home
Terracotta walls, tree in a tub, wicker furniture - simple means an atmosphere of southern (possibly Italian) at home. And of course, there were some Roman blinds . Matter to them is smaller than the usual curtains, and in practical terms they are comfortable, when you pick them, sunlight enters the room as much as if the window did not have covered the room. Roman shades are custom made ​​from dense, usually natural fabrics - cotton and linen.

Roman shades are usually hung from the eaves with special lifting blocks. Rotation block pulls tape or cord passing through the ring, whereby the fabric is raised, forming a uniform horizontal creases

Stratification curtains original designs

stratification curtains original designs for small windows
This option is good for a small window. Such curtains easy to make with their own hands , if you follow some simple rules. You can use fabric, uneven in color and transparency, but not necessarily similar in composition. For synthetic and natural materials vary in the degree of shrinkage during washing . Blind consists of three different pieces of fabric. At the top and bottom of the matter can be more tightly, but the middle is better positioned for easier insertion and transparent.

For these curtains makes sense to buy fabric remnants (measuring flap), it is usually sold with a decent discount. When selecting a color, pattern and texture is an occasion to show the creative imagination. In the tone of the curtain you can pick up the rest of the home textiles

Half measures curtains original designs

green kitchen curtain, Half measures curtains original designs
The curtains in the windows half - perfect for the kitchen. Once upon a similar way our grandmothers made ​​out windows, and good memories - good help in creating comfort. Curtains can be selected in the color of the tile or wallpaper, and secure better at the curb - so short canvases will be easier to fit into the interior. This option is not just beautiful, but also practical: cornice rests on a magnetic mount, which means that the curtains can be easily removed and washed.

The curtains are hanging on a rod attached to the window frame. Fixing rod depends on the window. If it is metal or plastic , you can use magnets or adhesive tapes, and if made ​​of wood, the screw-fit elements

Open the shutters curtains for home

Open the shutters original curtains for home
New - well forgotten old. It is this proverb guided decorators, when inventing the fabric drapes, shutters . The solution is interesting and unexpected, besides economical in the use of materials. Ideal for balcony doors or French windows . Fabric take better sufficiently dense (in this case used fabric resembling Towel). A bracket may be either metal or wood.

The fabric can be stretched over a rectangular frame. Since curtains are better documented, but they will be inconvenient to remove for washing. So here is selected light option: bracket threaded rod pocket at the top and bottom for weighting inserted a metal tube

Wild cats curtains original designs

Wild cats curtains original designs for home
Again topic of hot countries. Tired of winter decorators were inspired by Africa and used as the main motive of leopard print. This option is simple, but the effect of: sand-colored fabric trimmed with spotty border. The theme is to support the textile design room. The perfect complement to such curtains will cushion the same colors and exotic rug with a pattern "a la cave paintings." Furniture and lamp base stained ebony .

Note the cornice. Ball-knob of a spotted, as fringe on the curtains. Thus he simulates exotic wood cornice - is also "in the subject." If you do not find the right color cornice, can be tinted any wood, such as pine

Practical duo curtains original designs

Practical duo curtains original designs for dining area
Curtains play in the interior is not only protective, but also a decorative role . They may be used alone or, as in this embodiment, blind hem beautifully. The fabric is suspended by a thin string and sway from each breath of wind. Blinds are fixed rigidly to the ceiling above the windows. Such a solution has advantages. This is the original (itself curtains or blinds would look pretty corny) and practicality (two screens protect from light better than one.)

At the eaves of a string-set of advantages: it is almost invisible (and therefore does not distract the attention), versatile (can be mounted to the wall and the ceiling), can withstand quite severe pressure - not just tulle , but the heavy curtain fabrics